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Altmetrics: Improve your altmetrics scores

Learn how to measure the impact and attention of your research.

How to improve you altmetric score

To improve your altmetrics scores you need to create an online presence and share information about your work and your research outputs online.

There are many ways to do this such as:



Blog about your articles or work and ask others to write blog posts about your work.


Share on social media

Become active on X (formerly Twitter) and share links to your articles and other work. (If you don't want to join X, ask colleagues if they would be willing to share or highlight your article on your behalf.)


Use social networks for researchers

Create a profile and add your publication list to social networking sites for researchers, such as, ResearchGate and Mendeley.


Register for researcher/ author IDs

Register for IDs such as an ORCID id, and keep your list of publications up-to-date.


Make all your research outputs available online

Make all your research outputs including data, code, videos and presentations available online by using on content hosting tools such as: