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Mayo Authors Database: Adding to Your Bibliography

This guide is to help users search the Mayo Authors database and answer many of the questions users may have.

How do I submit an item to Mayo Authors?


How do I submit an item to the Mayo Authors bibliography?

Use the Mayo Authors submission form located in the box below or click on the link, and follow the guidelines below.

The following items are included in Mayo Clinic Bibliographies:

  1. Books.
  2. Chapters or sections in scientific books.
  3. Scientific papers.
  4. Letters to Editors when these are original contributions similar to those found in Nature, Science, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, Metabolism, Lancet, etc.
  5. Abstracts covering scientific presentations prepared for scientific societies.  Example: Abstracts in Federation Proceedings, Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine, etc.
  6. Editorials with medical or scientific contributions.
  7. Films and other non-print media when these are available for distribution outside the Clinic.

The following are not to be included in the bibliography:

  1. General editorials
  2. Questions and answers.
  3. Book reviews.
  4. Unsigned obituaries.
  5. References in programs.
  6. Letters to the Editor not containing original contributions.
  7. Discussions of scientific papers.
  8. Non-scientific material.  Examples: Articles in Atlantic Monthly, Wall Street Journal, Saturday Evening Post, etc.
  9. Mayo Clinic Seminars.
  10. Translations of articles previously appearing in the bibliography unless translated by the author(s).
  11. Compiled lists, such as bibliographic and similar lists with no original material.
  12. Exhibits, unless published in a journal.
  13. Third-person accounts or reports of a presentation made by another at a meeting.
  14. Introduction of a speaker.
  15. Condensations of published material appearing in digest-type publications as not prepared by author(s).  Example: Modern Medicine

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