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Mayo Authors Database: Basic Searching

This guide is to help users search the Mayo Authors database and answer many of the questions users may have.

How do I find a Mayo Author's bibliography?

The easiest way to find an author's bibliography in the Mayo Authors Database is to use the Browse Mayo Authors list on the Mayo Authors home page

Browse by starting letter, or search by name or partial name in the search box.

A list of matching author names will appear.  Each Mayo Author is listed in the format:

Lastname, Initials Department - Location.

The Department abbreviations correspond to those in the Quarterly.The number of items each author has in the Mayo Authors database is listed to the right.

Click on a name to see that Author's bibliography.


Basic Searching

Searching the Mayo Authors database is designed to be as easy as possible.  If you're not searching for a specific Mayo Author's bibliography, use the Basic search box to search for keywords, titles, years, or anything else.  It works a little like Google--every search keyword or term you enter will be searched for.  You can also use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to improve your searches.