Anatomical Models: Musculoskeletal - Lower Extremity

Anatomical models located at the Learning Resource Centers (RST and SC) and Venables Health Sciences Library (RST).

Musculoskeletal System Anatomical Models - Lower Extremity

Anatomical models are only for use on the campus of their home library.

Models are located at the Learning Resource Center in Rochester (RO LRC), the Learning Resource Center in Scottsdale (SC LRC), and the Venables Health Science Library in Rochester (RO Venables). Please contact these libraries directly for help.

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4-Stage osteoarthritis

Baby hippy congenital hip dislocation


Location: RO LRC, Call #: MD68

Flexible foot and ankle skeleton

Flexible foot and ankle skeleton

Location: Venables, Call #: MD59

Foot model set

Location: Venables, Call #: MD138

Foot skeleton

Location: Venables, Call #: MD170

Functional model of the foot joints

Location: RO LRC, Call #: MD130
Location: Venables, Call #: MD130
Location: SC LRC, Call #: QM131 .F854 2008x

Functional model of the knee-joint

Location: RO LRC, Call #: MD114
Location: Venables, Call #: MD114
Location: SC LRC, Call #: QM131 .F855 2006x

Hip joint

Hip joint with ligaments (rigid)

Location: RO LRC, Call #: MD21

Knee joint

Location: Venables, Call #: MD137

Leg skeleton

Location: RO LRC, Call #: MD36

Muscled hip

Location: Venables, Call #: MD129

Right knee

4-stage osteoarthritis knee

Location: Venables, Call #: MD134

Composite pelvis and pelvic floor

Location: Venables, Call #: MD142

Female pelvic floor

Female pelvis

Location: RO LRC, Call #: MD52

Foot and ankle

Location: RO LRC, Call #: MD88
Location: Venables, Call #: MD88

Foot muscles

Location: Venables, Call #: MD161

Foot skeleton model with ligaments and muscles

Location: Venables, Call #: MD150

Functional model of the hip joint

Location: RO LRC, Call #: MD147
Location: SC LRC, Call #: QM131 .F85456 1991x



Location: Venables, Call #: MD44

Hip joint with removable muscles

Location: Venables, Call #: MD153

Knee joint with ligaments and muscle attachments

Knee joint with ligaments and muscle attachments

Location: RO LRC, Call #: MD23

Ligamented knee joint

Ligamented Knee Joint

Location: RO LRC, Call #: MD69

Muscles of the leg with base of pelvis

Location: Venables, Call #: MD94