Anatomical Models: Other Models

Anatomical models located at the Learning Resource Centers (RST and SC) and Venables Health Sciences Library (RST).

Other Anatomical Models

Anatomical models are only for use on the campus of their home library.

Models are located at the Learning Resource Center in Rochester (RO LRC), the Learning Resource Center in Scottsdale (SC LRC), and the Venables Health Science Library in Rochester (RO Venables). Please contact these libraries directly for help.

To view models for additional systems select the system of interest from the tabs on this page or return to the Anatomical Models Home Page.

Annie arterial Insufficiency leg

Human cell

Location: Venables, Call #: MD167

Thyroid disease

Location: Venables, Call #: MD116

Wilma wound foot

Breast cross section

Location: Venables, Call #: MD117

Muscle fiber: 10,000 times magnified

Location: Venables, Call #: MD151

Seymour II wound care

Vinnie venous insufficiency leg