Researcher & Author Identifiers, Profiles and Social Networks: Maximize your Impact: Scopus Author Profile

Increase the impact of your publications. Tips on how to promote your research and profile as a researcher and author.

What is a Scopus Author Profile?

Scopus distinguishes between authors with the same name by giving each author a separate Scopus Author Profiles and grouping together all the documents written by that author.

Find out more information about Scopus Author Profile here.


Having a Scopus Author Profile gives you the following benefits:

  • Automatic author identification
  • Publication list
  • Citation metrics available


Scopus Author Profile has the following limitations:

How do I get started with a Scopus Author Profile?


You will be automatically assigned a Scopus Author Profile when you publish in a journal indexed by Scopus.

These tutorials outline how you can create an author search, view author details, search for affiliations, review affiliation details, and use Scopus article metrics.

Once you have a Scopus Author Profile

  • Ensure that Scopus has matched all your publications to your Scopus Author Profile correctly. The information tied to the publications tied to your profile will affect your h-index.
  • Integrate your Scopus Author Profile with ORCID to maximize the benefits that author identifiers offer.
  • More information on the ORCID website



Tips for working with Scopus Author Profile

This help menu by Scopus provides instructions on how to:

  • Evaluate an author's performance
  • Find and group potential author matches
  • Set up an alert or RSS feed for an author
  • Create a Citation overview
  • Find co-authors
  • Request corrections to author details
  • Add documents to a list

Contact your local Librarian for further advice.