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W. Bruce Fye History of Medicine Library: Did You Know?

Did you know

Porterfield, WilliamA treatise on the eye, the manner and phænomena of vision ......
Edinburgh, Printed for A. Miller at London, and for G. Hamilton and J. Balfour at Edinburgh, 1759.  
This is the first important work on the anatomy and physiology of the eye with many important observations.  While other lay scientists of the day had written texts on the function of the eyes, Porterfield had done this from the perspective of a physician.  He had a profound knowledge of the old literature and was cognizant of the current literature of his day.  This book contains much about the physiology of vision, crossed and uncrossed diplopia, measurement of the near point and of the far point, binocular vision, break of fusion, physiologic diplopia and a study of accommodation.  Porterfield noticed what was later known as the “Marcus Gunn pupil.”  He found the most sensitive part of the retina was near the visual axis and that the sire of vision was in the retina.

Albert, Source book of ophthalmology. 
Gorin, History of ophthalmology.