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Florida Library: Group Study Rooms

Information about the services, resources, and staff at the Mayo Clinic in Florida's Library

Guidelines for Stabile 788N

The following rules apply for the larger group study room in the Library (Stabile 788N):

  • No reservations are taken for this room. This room contains eight (8) desktop computers for any Mayo Clinic staff member or learner to use.
  • This is a quiet workroom with little to no talk allowed.
  • If patrons leave a library desk or computer unattended, they are requested to remove their personal items and log off the computer. If a computer is left unattended for longer than 15 minutes, personal items may be moved to the area behind M. Martinez's desk. For more information about library computer use, click here.

Occupants of Group Study Rooms (or any area in the Library) may be asked to leave the area or the Library for inappropriate behavior or for failure to follow these Group Study Room Guidelines for Use, Library policies (including the Food and Drink Policy), and/or the Mayo Clinic policies. Failure to follow the room policies or the online reservation policies/limits will result in the loss of Group Study Room privileges.

If you have questions, please ask Library staff or email