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Florida Library: Library Computers

Information about the services, resources, and staff at the Mayo Clinic in Florida's Library

What is the policy for use of the library computers?

Florida library computers are only available for use by Mayo Clinic staff and learners. All users of the library computers should be aware of the following guidance and policies:

  • Library computers should only be used for Mayo Clinic-related activities.
  • Library patrons should be considerate of others and not occupy a library computer longer than is necessary.
  • Library computers cannot be reserved ahead of time.
  • Library computers should not be used for video or computer conference calls. (e.g., Zoom calls, Teams calls, etc.)
  • Patrons should ask library staff for assistance if they need or use a camera with a library computer.
  • Patrons are permitted to be away from a library computer, 15 minutes or less. (This would allow for a quick break or a trip to the restroom.) 
    • If a patron is away from the library computer longer than 15 minutes, library patrons must remove their personal belongings and log off the computer.
    • If a patron does not move their items from a library computer, library staff are permitted to move a patron's belongings to the area behind M. Martinez's desk. (This area is a white shelf beneath the colorful painting near the entrance of the Library.)
  • Phone calls are not permitted anywhere in the Library.
    • If a patron needs to speak on the phone, please take the call outside of the Library.
    • The only exception is if a patron needs to speak with Mayo Clinic IT or HR.
  • Printing is allowed if it is for Mayo Clinic-related work or activities. Printing documents for person use is not permitted. (e.g., garage sale flyer, bike event signs, etc.) 

Disruptive patrons in the Library may be asked to leave for failure to follow this Use of Library Computer Policy, Library policies, and/or the Mayo Clinic policies. Failure to follow this policy will result in the loss of Library use privileges.

For questions regarding the use of library computers, please email or call x3-2881.

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