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W. Bruce Fye Center For the History of Medicine: Ireland


Steam liners often stopped in Ireland on their way in or out of Northern European ports.  Dr. Will and Dr. Charlie spent many days during their trips to Europe visiting Irish clinics and hospitals, and addressing Irish university faculty and students.

Thomas H. Milroy, Professor of Physiology, Queen’s University, Belfast

(William J. Mayo Friendship Gallery)



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International Travels
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Diplomas, Memberships, and Awards
Original Medical Diplomas |   United States Army Commendations and Awards |  Awards and Memberships from United States |  Awards and Memberships from International Organizations

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Dr. William J. Mayo


Omnibus...Collegii Sacro Sanctae et individuae Trinitatis juxta Dublin...

[Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland]

Guilelmo Jacobo Mayo

[William James Mayo]

June 23, 1923

Honorary Doctor of Medicine degree awarded to Dr. Will.


Royal College surg (68)

Dr. Charlie Mayo

The Queen’s University of Belfast

Belfast, Ireland

Charles Horace Mayo

June 13, 1925

Honorary Doctor of Laws certificate received upon conferment of the degree.


Royal College of Surgeons (33)

Academiae regiae medicinae in Hibernia

[The Royal Academy of Medicine, Ireland]

Charles H. Mayo


The academy was formed in 1882.  Modeled on the Royal Colleges in Ireland, it offered continuing education for men interested in the science and practice of medicine.  While both medical scientists and physicians are members, the academy is generally physician-led.  This certificate was presented to Dr. Charlie to mark his honorary membership in the academy.


Trinity College

Dublin, Ireland

Charles Horace Mayo

March 16, 1925

Diploma and letter notifying Dr. Charlie that the college had awarded him an honorary Master of Surgery degree.