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W. Bruce Fye Center For the History of Medicine: Mayo Family Travels

Mayo Family Travels

The Mayo family spent a number of weeks every year traveling to learn new medical techniques, share their experiences and consult with other physicians, educators, scientists and world leaders.  Dr. Will and Dr. Charlie also served in the United States Army Medical Corps during World War I.  A number of the diplomas and commissions awarded to the Mayo brothers during their travels hang in the Board of Governors Room of the Historical Suite, third floor of the Plummer Building.

The problem before us is so to exchange information, and so to educate men through travel that there shall develop a final, cosmopolitan system of medicine which will combine the best elements to be found in all countries. - Charles H. Mayo

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Argentina |  Australia and New Zealand |  Austria |  Belgium |  Brazil |  Canada |  Czekoslovakia [Czech Republic] |  Cuba |  Denmark |  Ecuador |  England |  Finland |  France |  Ireland |  Italy |  Mexico |  Peru |  Scotland |  Serbia |  Spain |  Sweden

Diplomas, Memberships, and Awards
Original Medical Diplomas |   United States Army Commendations and Awards |  Awards and Memberships from United States |  Awards and Memberships from International Organizations

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Images courtesy of the W. Bruce Fye Center For the History of Medicine. For use permission, please contact Center staff.

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