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W. Bruce Fye Center For the History of Medicine: Canada


Dr. Will traveled to Montreal in 1923 to receive an honorary degree from McGill University and again to Toronto, Ontario, in 1929 for the Ontario Medical Association meeting.

Dr. W.W. Mayo went to Canada in January 1907 prior to a trip to the Orient later that year.


Ambrose L. Lockwood, Lockwood Clinic, Toronto, Canada

[Mayo Historical Unit Photograph Collection]




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International Travels
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Diplomas, Memberships, and Awards
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Dr. William J. Mayo

Universitas McGill

[McGill University, Montreal, Canada]

Gulielmum Jacobum Mayo

[William James Mayo]

June 11, 1923

Honorary Doctor of Laws certificate received on conferment of the degree.



Universitas Torontonensis

[University of Toronto, Canada]

Guilielmus J. Mayo

[William J. Mayo]

June, 1917

Honorary Doctor of Laws certificate received upon conferment of the degree.


Dr. Charlie Mayo

Dr. Charlie did maintain friendships with other physicians and residents of Canada.  However, he does not have an honorary degree from a Canadian institution hanging in the Former Board of Governors Room.