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W. Bruce Fye Center For the History of Medicine: Scotland


Both Dr. Will and Dr. Charlie made trips to Scotland when they were in Britain attending clinics and visiting hospitals.

Sir James Syme, Surgeon, University of Edinburgh

(William J. Mayo Friendship Gallery) 


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Diplomas, Memberships, and Awards
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Dr. William J. Mayo

Collegii Regii Chirurgorum Edinburgensis

[Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Scotland]

William James Mayo

July 1, 1905

From its formal foundation in 1505, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh dedicated itself to promoting the highest standards in surgical education, training and clinical practice.  This certificate was presented to Dr. Will when he became a fellow of the College.


Societas Medico-Chirurgica Edinburgensis

[Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Society, Scotland]

Gulielmum J. Mayo

[William J. Mayo]

May 21, 1921

Certificate of honorary membership in the society granted to Dr. Will for “distinguished attainments in Medicine or the allied sciences.”


Senatus Inclitae Universitatis Aberdonensis

[University of Aberdeen, Scotland]

Gulielmum J. Mayo

[William J. Mayo]

June 7, 1936

Certificate received upon conferment of the Honorary Doctor of Laws degree.

Correspondence and clipping from H. J. Butchart, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

William J. Mayo

February 28, 1933

Letter from H. J. Butchart informing Dr. Will that he had been offered an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree.


The clipping shows Dr. Will with Sir George Adam Smith, principal and vice-chancellor of the university.


Dr. Charlie Mayo

Nos Universitatis Academicae Edinburgensis

[University of Edinburgh, Scotland]

Carolum Horatium Mayo

[Charles Horace Mayo]

June 12, 1925

Honorary Doctor of Laws certificate received upon conferment of the degree.