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W. Bruce Fye Center For the History of Medicine: France


Dr. Charlie organized the first European session of the Interstate Post Graduate Assembly. The assembly traveled through Europe in 1925.   Dr. Will traveled to Europe in 1900 with Dr. Albert J. Oschner to attend clinics in Paris and in Germany.  Dr. Will made other visits to the continent which also included stops in France.

Jean Louis Faure, Paris France

(Charles H. Mayo Friendship Gallery)



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International Travels
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Diplomas, Memberships, and Awards
Original Medical Diplomas |   United States Army Commendations and Awards |  Awards and Memberships from United States |  Awards and Memberships from International Organizations

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Dr. William J. Mayo

Société de Chirurgie de Paris

[Society of Surgery of Paris, France]

William J. Mayo

December 28, 1910

This society was formed in 1843 as a place for French-speaking surgeons to meet and expand their knowledge of fundamental discoveries and advances in surgery.  Dr. Will received this certificate with his membership in the society.


Académie de Médecine

[Academy of Medicine, Paris, France]


Cablegram from Dr. Samuel Jean de Pozzi 

June 24, 1913

Cablegram announcing Dr. Will’s election as a

Corresponding Member of the academy.


Formal Letter from Dr. Charles Achard

March 31, 1933

Letter announcing Dr. Will’s election as an Associate Foreign Member of the academy.


Dr. Charlie Mayo

 Société des Chirurgiens de Paris

[Paris Society of Surgeons]

Charles H. Mayo

July 7, 1928

Letter informing Dr. Charlie of his membership as a Foreign Corresponding member of the society.



Ordre National de le Légion d’Honneur La Decoration d’Officier

[Officer of the National Order of the Legion of Honor, France]

Charles H. Mayo

October 28, 1925

Dr. Charlie was inducted into the order for his excellent civil and military conduct.



Ministère de l’Instruction Publique et des Beaux-Arts, Officier de l’Instruction publique, 

[Officer of Education from The Ministry of Education and Fine Arts, Paris, France]

Charles H. Mayo

June 22, 1925 

Dr. Charlie was named to this office during his tenure as president of the Interstate Postgraduate Association of North America.



Société Nationale de Chirurgie de Paris

[National Society of Surgery of Paris, France]

Charles H. Mayo

December 21, 1932

This society later became part of the National Academy of Medicine.  Dr. Charlie was elected as a corresponding member.