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W. Bruce Fye Center For the History of Medicine: Historical Committee

Mayo Clinic Historical Committee

The goal of the Historical Committee is to foster a lively sense of the past among all members of “the Mayo community.”  The committee is dedicated to supporting the preservation, interpretation, and presentation of the history of medicine in general and Mayo Clinic history in particular.  This is in recognition of our history as a vital dimension of Mayo Clinic culture.

To accomplish this goal the committee will:

  • Develop policies and programs related to the identification, collection, and preservation of the history of Mayo Clinic and its people by serving as an advisory board for the W. Bruce Fye Center for the History of Medicine.
  • Advise and assist in the use of the Mayo historical collection and the W. Bruce Fye Center for the History of Medicine in a variety of educational activities at Mayo Clinic, including presentations, exhibits, or articles under the auspices of Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science.
  • Support documentation, on a continuing basis, of key events and people involved in all aspects and entities of Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation.  This includes active encouragement to departments, divisions, and units of Mayo Clinic in support of preservation of historical materials, including departmental histories, unit reports, appropriate minutes, and artifacts.  In order for this process to be successful, each member of the committee must be knowledgeable and actively involved.  
  • Encourage academic study of Mayo Clinic history, in particular and the history of medicine in general.  This includes encouragement and support for historical research, and presentation of historical findings in publications and presentations.
  • Act as advisory group for the Mayo Clinic History of Medicine Society, Boerhaave Society, and Willius Society.