Systematic Reviews: PRISMA-P Checklist

This guide provides information and resources which may be helpful when undertaking a systematic review or other type of knowledge synthesis.

Protocol Guidance


PRISMA-P was published in 2015 to facilitate the development and reporting of systematic review protocols.

Moher D, Shamseer L, Clarke M, et al. Preferred reporting items for systematic review and meta-analysis protocols (PRISMA-P) 2015 statement. Systematic reviews. 2015;4:1.

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Lasserson T, Thomas J, Higgins J. Starting a review. In: Higgins J, Thomas J, Chandler J, et al., eds. Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions. version 6.2 : Cochrane; 2021.


Describe the context and rationale for the review from both a decision-making and research perspective


Describe the study screening and selection criteria (inclusion/exclusion criteria)


Describe precisely which outcome measures, time points, interventions, and comparison groups will be addressed


Describe the search strategy for identifying relevant evidence


Describe the procedures for study selection


Describe the data extraction strategy


Describe the process for identifying and resolving disagreement between researchers in study selection and data extraction decisions


Describe the approach to critically appraising individual studies


Describe the method for evaluating the body of evidence, including the quantitative and qualitative synthesis strategy


Describe and justify any planned analyses of differential treatment effects according to patient subgroups, how an intervention is delivered, or how an outcome is measured


Describe the proposed timetable for conducting the review

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