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Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine: Overview of Clinical Resource Guides

What are Clinical Resource Guides?

The Clinical Resource guides have been developed by Mayo Clinic Libraries to create a portal for access to specialty-specific information to assist with patient care and clinical decision support.  These guides will help clinicians navigate the vast electronic resources in the library’s collection. They also provide relevant subject-specific core materials including calculators, guidelines, patient education, and educational materials.  All resources are live links available for immediate use.

Selection Criteria

  • Every guide is built from available Mayo electronic resources
  • All resources are live links available for immediate use
  • Core eBooks are highlighted
  • Other available eBooks are included
  • Most published after 2018 
  • Subject gaps are identified, and requests are submitted to Technical Services for potential purchase

Available Clinical Resource Guides

Clinical Resources Guides

Current list of guides

Mayo Clinic Libraries Services

Provides links to Literature Search Request forms, Full Text Articles/Books forms, and also links to all Mayo Libraries, Patients' Libraries, and History of Medicine Library


Included in Each Guide

Point of Care Resources

Core eBooks



Clinical Trials

Other eBooks

Education Resources

Journal links

Pharmacology Information

Patient Education

Other relevant pages available for some specialties:

Atlases, Emergency, Geriatrics, Nursing, Oncology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Radiology


There is a unique URL for every guide.  This link can be copied and saved to your desktop or added to your dashboard in Epic for quick reference.

A Mayo Clinic icon indicates that the books or links include Mayo authors or were developed by Mayo Clinic 


The Journals box links to Browzine for each specialty.  Browzine allows researchers to browse, discover, read, and optimize journals available at Mayo Clinic.  

Journals can be delivered to your email upon publication through Current Awareness.

Research Tools

Research Tools box allows access to databases for literature searches.

Mayo Clinic Libraries Services

Please let us know if you have any suggestions, questions, or find broken links. Contact us at:

Mayo Clinic Libraries