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Effective Database Searching: Drugs

This guide to key library databases helps you decide which databases to use and assists you in searching them more effectively.

Drug Databases

Micromedex provides an authoritative source for point of care drug information utilizing powerful tools including calculators, IV compatibility, drug identification with images, and comprehensive drug interaction checking. [Produced by Thompson Reuters]

-Micromedex guide

Facts & Comparisons provides information on drug efficacy, composition, and identification as well as drug comparisons, indications for use adverse reactions, herbal medications, supplements and other medical care products.  It also includes several clinical calculators and other useful interactive tools.  [Produced by Wolters Kluwer]

-Facts & Comparisons guide

NatMed provides evidence-based information on herbal medicines & non-herbal supplements. [Produced by Therapeutic Research]

-NatMed guide