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Effective Database Searching: NatMed database

This guide to key library databases helps you decide which databases to use and assists you in searching them more effectively.

Search the NatMed database

NatMed Overview

NatMed, short for Natural Medicines, was derived from the editorial staff of the Pharmacist's Letter and Prescriber's Letter and merged with Natural Standard in 2015. It specializes in information on herbal medicines and non-herbal supplements.


-Documents on individual natural ingredients include: 

  • both common and scientific names
  • the category, "People Use This For," which lists all known uses regardless of effectiveness
  • evidence-based safety ratings which also cover pregnancy and lactation
  • evidence-based effectiveness ratings for various indications
  • mechanism of action, adverse reactions, drug interactions, dosage & administration, and editor's comments
  • references with active links to PubMed citations
  • a consumer health version for patient education

- Provides a way to search for brand name products and find out if the quality standards are approved by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP)

- Browsable diseases and conditions allow you to see which natural products might be effective

- Clinical management courses offer accredited continuing education credits for pharmacists, physicians, dietitians, PAs, and NPs


- The site is updated daily but it is unknown how often each monograph is updated



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