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Effective Database Searching: Eigenfactor Score and Article Influence

This guide to key library databases helps you decide which databases to use and assists you in searching them more effectively.

Search for Eigenfactor score and Article Influence

Web of Science
Tip: Click on the Additional Resources tab and then into Journal Citation Reports.

Eigenfactor score and Article Influence

The Eigenfactor score is an indicator of the overall impact of a journal to the scientific community.  Similar to Google's ability to rank search results, the Eigenfactor score is based on the citations a journal receives from other journals, in which citations from highly ranked journals are given more significance.  The Eigenfactor score takes into account disciplinary relationships between citing and cited journals, excludes self-citations, and covers a 5-year time span.

Article Influence is a measure of the average influence of an article five years after publication. It is calculated by dividing the Eigenfactor score by the number of articles published in a journal.  Article Influence is comparable to the journal impact factor.  A score greater than 1.00 suggests each article in the journal has an above-average influence while a score of less than 1.00 denotes below-average influence.

Note: Article influence scores may vary between and Web of Science's Journal Citation Reports due to additional types of sources considered by (e.g., dissertations, newspaper articles, popular magazines, etc.)



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