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Effective Database Searching: Web of Science

This guide to key library databases helps you decide which databases to use and assists you in searching them more effectively.

Search Web of Science

Web of Science Overview

Web of Science, part of Web of Knowledge, is an academic citation and indexing search service. It encompases the broad sciences from agriculture, biomedicine, chemistry, computer sciene, mathematics, physics, and zoology. In addition to the search capabilities of this database, users can also analyze the literature in unique ways with journal impact factors and cited references.


- Contains special tools to analyze research activity including cited references, journal impact factors and the h Index

- Includes selected conference abstracts and book reviews

- Offers proximity searching. As an example, typing lung SAME transplant in the search box searches for the two terms within the same sentence in any order and finds such phrases as: lung transplant, lung and antibiotics therapy in transplant, and transplant of lung tissue


- Does not utitlize a thesaurus or controlled vocabulary so you may get an overwhelming number of results if only needing a limited number of articles on a topic



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