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MSHS: Dietetic Internship: CINAHL

Guide to assist dietetic interns in finding resources available through the Library and elsewhere.


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As alternatives, you might also consider searching PubMed if you don't find what you're looking for in CINAHL: 

Mobile Access

You can save searches and articles, download full text, and email results to yourself. The mobile access does not sync with your desktop workstation account.

For iOS and Android users, you need to fill out an application to use the Mayo license. From your desktop computer, go to the library web page, under Databases, click on the link for CINAHL, and at the bottom of the CINAHL page, you'll see a link for "EBSCOhost iPhone and Android Applications."

For other mobile devices, go to: or scan the QR code.

CINAHL Overview

CINAHL stands for Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature. Hosted by the company, EBSCO, it covers nursing and allied health journals.

Search Tips

- Be careful with your limits! It is best not to use these limits when doing a search in CINAHL: limit to full-text, abstract available, evidence-based practice. Contact the Library if you have questions about CINAHL limits.


- Subject headings specific to nursing/allied health

- Ability to limit searches to research articles, articles from peer reviewed journals, care plans, and articles authored by nurses

- Offers proximity searching capability. For example, kidney N5 failure will find results that contain kidney failure as well as failure of the kidneys

- Research articles include the names of the instruments used in the studies

- Includes references to selected nursing doctoral dissertations, conference proceedings/abstracts, and book chapters

- Includes references to Cochrane Systematic Reviews

- Helps you automatically format references according to APA style

- Can view the references cited by many of the indexed articles

- HTML full text documents in EBSCO can be downloaded as MP3 files as well as translated into other langauges


- Articles in CINAHL go back to 1981; PubMed and MEDLINE (Ovid) go back to 1947

Help: Video tutorials from Yale